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The Burning of Columbia  February 17, 18 1865

Although often overshadowed in the popular imagination by the burning of Atlanta, Georgia, the burning of Columbia, South Carolina was a major event in American history and a defining moment in the history of the state and city. By February 1865, the tide of war had turned against the Confederacy, and no significant Confederate forces remained to seriously challenge General Sherman’s policy of “home front” destruction, meant to terrify and demoralize the Confederate civilian population and encourage the surrender of the remaining Confederate forces.  Columbia, the site of the original Secession Convention and capital of the first seceding state, was seen by the Union army as a special political target for reprisal.

We invite you to join us for 6 weeks of exhibitions, demonstrations, and lectures recognizing the 150th aniversery of this tragic event.  More than 30 history, arts and culture organizations will remember the 150th anniversary of the burning of Columbia with various programs culminating with a day of events Feb. 17, the day Columbia burned.

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 Tartan Day South  March 26th-29th

 The 5th Annual Tartan Day South event is a four day celebration of Celtic heritage in our area. The festival is an array of unique sports, music, foods, and exhibitions.  The event is one of a kind in the midlands.   With over 8,300 patrons attending Tartan Day South events in 2014, the growth and reach has been phenomenal in just four short years.  Come join us for a few days of Celtic Pride right here at home!

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Dinosaurs:  A bite out of time

South Carolina State Museum:  Opening July 1, 2014

Journey back in time when monsters walked the earth, swam in the seas and soared through the skies in Dinosaurs: A Bite Out of Time. After being extinct for more than 65 million years, these life-like dinosaurs are here and are hungry. The exhibit features several robotic dinosaurs and strange creatures from prehistoric times, including the ferocious Tyrannosaurus rex, the massive Stegosaurus and the long-necked Apatosaurus. Guests will also encounter creatures that lived during the age of dinosaurs, but were not dinosaurs, including a Mosasaurus, one the fiercest reptiles ever to hunt the seas of its day.


The exhibit includes a number of hands-on features:

  • A controllable duck bill dinosaur
  • A fossil rub station
  • A dinosaur dig box
  • Two dinosaur puppet show booths for kids to enjoy

PLUS, take home a piece of prehistoric history by getting a souvenir photo taken with a life-sized Triceratops or shop in the special Dinosaurs museum store!

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Historic Riverwalk Tour

Palmetto Outdoor Center offers interactive Riverwalk History Tours that excite and engage people of all ages.  Our tours highlight and interpret the history-rich areas of Columbia and detail how the Three Rivers region has shaped our city today.  Step back in time and discover the lives of civilians and soldiers hundreds of years ago.

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